A Soulful Songbird. Innovative Herbalist. Multifaceted Businesswoman.


Brittney is a woman who believes in the power of love and breaking barriers that limit the creativity that is embedded in individualism. A rising musical creator aimed to shine like no other star in the sky! And a mother of 2 with the energy of a healing innovator who specializes in herbalism.


Born in Orlando, Florida and shortly after birth, her family relocated to Long Island, NY. Brittney McKenzie comes from a multicultural background. She is of Dominican and Jamaican descent with roots hailing from the Arawak Indians. As a youth, Brittney was raised in Freeport, NY where she was brought up on the value of family from her mother’s roots. Brittney experienced the music industry from her mother’s career as a singer where she traveled the world surrounded by the love of music.


|| True beauty comes from doing good, giving out good and being a good human being. || - Carolyn Harding (Mother)


Brittney propelled as a young adult in the knowledge of music and was given a full scholarship to Elizabeth City State University for music education. The songstress fueled her passion and love for the evolution of music in her studies as she foresaw a career as a music educator. After completing her Associates degree in music education, Brittney decided that she desired more in life and decided to move back to NYC where she began a career in modeling.


Life had other plans for this rising starlet and McKenzie decided to enlist in the Army after becoming pregnant with her son.


The military gave me the discipline, resilience and drive that I needed to ignite the passion in music that I hid within me for so long, and it taught me that no matter the circumstances, never give up. Never quit”- Brittney adds.


Her music career became a vivid thought while serving in active duty for the United States Army. Brittney soared in the army for 8 years traveling the world for Public Affairs and Public Speaking for the department. Currently, Brittney serves under the Army Reserve where she is enabled to actively fulfill her dreams musically and be more involved in her children’s upbringing.


I was able to deploy to Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom where I aided in women’s outreach missions, and that was extremely rewarding for me. I also had a few opportunities to sing and share my love of music on some of the military bases that I was stationed. I am a staff Sergeant E-6 by rank now in the Army and I love the position, however my favorite ranking was Sergeant E-5 because I had a direct influence on training and developing the soldiers abroad”- Brittney adds.  


McKenzie has an extensive background in entrepreneurism in the health and beauty industries, and still operates her business with an ecommerce division. The songbird decided to pursue her musical career fulltime by closing the physical store to reduce the overhead of her brick-and-mortar storefront. 2020 changed us all, but for Brittney, the pandemic released another layer of the multifaceted businesswoman and singer. The revelation of being born again into her light fostered a change in the direction of her aspirations.


After traveling to about 30 different countries researching holistic living (due to Brittney’s diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) she became very intrigued with the healing powers of natural herbs. With this newly gained knowledge, she founded The McKenzie Project.  It is created on the idea of supporting vulnerable children through both their mental health and education. While the foundation supports, applauds, and believes that education is a key player in a child's development, The McKenzie Project fosters the mission that the world cannot ignore that the environment we allow them to grow in plays a huge role in their ability to receive learning. The McKenzie Project holistically supports children around the world, by covering not only education fees, but also, accommodation, and meals both Domestic and Abroad. The foundation aims to support a child, in its own way, as a parent would.


We aren’t made as women to be the same on our journey, and 2020 became my reminder of this notion. Through our life experiences, we grow, we change, we react, we break down, and above all…. we evolve. No matter what, pay attention to what makes you happy, comfortable, sad, fearful, prideful and start manifesting the life that you want around all of those emotions” – Brittney expresses.

The Evolution Of A Songbird


Currently, Brittney is working on her debut EP project (untitled at this time) that she would like to release in 2022. The first single entitled “Cry No More” was released in March. The song depicts a phase that the songstress decided to share with her supporters that touches on physical and emotional abuse, suicide, pain, and a pathway towards healing that many people hide to the world daily. It represents a story that does not get told in pop culture too often for praise.


When asked what the memory of who Brittney was, she adds “A breath of fresh air to those who cannot find the moments to breathe. Timeless and someone who defied the odds to accomplish her dreams, and a mother that saw no limits in the love she expressed in her children and the ones around her. To share love, receive love and be love in my music.”


There is no box that shadows the power of creativity, and Brittney shines her power in being able to open and allow her spirit to take over in her music artistry. The songbird produces an infusion of rhythmic and blues with a high dosage of soul music. Brittney aspires to have released several chart-topping projects in the next five years, scaling her company McKenzie’s Dollhouse and headlining a world tour where she can also give back to the world that has given the songbird diva the wings to soar high.


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